Saturday, February 21, 2015

[YT] Breakthrough! Overpower Level 6 unlocked!

Holy sh-, breaking news from the Rayque3 Staff!

After two years of struggling, Luxatus and I finally managed to pull through The Raid on Digistruct Peak on Overpower Level 5 - we've unlocked Overpower Level 6 (Borderlands 2)! Why did it take two years? Hopefully you'll be interested to read more about it.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

[EMS] Legendary Ability GET!

Hi guys! I finally managed to obtain the Legendary Ability! Geez, this took a while didn't it?

When Aswan got released in 2012 for EMS - the Inner Ability system was released with it. Since then, I've been trying to get my hands on the "Attack Speed Increase" without success - after more than 200 Circulators I didn't have any luck.

Back then, your ability would be similar to "Cubing', as in that it would require Circulators in order to get any changes in the line. In addition to that, instead of having the infamous "Rare/Epic/Unique/Legendary" system, all Ability lines were based on a rank from D to S. So certain lines were only available from S-Ranks, including the "Attack Speed Increase". The amount of effect that you could get on a line was based on your Honor Level, which was levelled through playing Aswan.

Three lines required Level 60 Honor, which required some heavy time investment in Aswan. You could get all possible lines from those Circulators - but you would just need some luck to obtain some good S-ranks. Which I didn't...

Friday, February 6, 2015

[EMS] Level 207!

Ding! The first Level Up for 2015!
It might take a while for the next one, as usual~

Sunday, February 1, 2015

[Lego] Borderlands 2 in Lego® - Constructor - Take 5! [Work In Progress]

Dear viewer,

Please mind that this is a Work In Progress (WIP) blogpost. In case you are interested to see more about this project, the most recent progress can be found on the right menu, under "LEGO® - MK. SERIES". Thanks for reading my blog!

Hi guys! Today another major step for my Constructor! This time the back required some major tweaking, including the entire pneumatic flow. This coverage will mention the highlights of the changes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

[EMS] Growing Sylph Ring GET!

Hi guys! Recently, the Freud's Journal Event has been running in MapleStory Europe. You'll be able to grow a Sylph Ring; an equip that gives different (rare) bonus stats, depending on what direction you'll make it head to.

I've planned to use this equipment since its initial release in MapleStory Korea - together with my Critical Adventure Ring that I obtained way back in 2011.

Eventually when the infamous RED update was released, Nexon Europe released another Adventure ring for the ones who missed out the original ones from 2011. You might remember I obtained it last year, and that it could surprisingly be equipped with the original simutaneously. This would give me a whopping 25% critical rate bonus and 5% minimum critical damage combined.
However, having both of these items together made me question if it was possible to wear it with the Growing Sylph Ring.

And yes - I'm able to wear these three together! Damn that's quite some heavy critical bonus-investment I got on my Hero now.

Currently, when running on one-versus-one-combat (Enrage) with Incising (Puncture)'s debuff, I'll have 85% critical rate with 67% minimum critical damage and 98% maximum critical damage. In addition to having the final two hits of Raging Blow always being critical - I often have crits on my screen!

I'm aware that critical damage doesn't work on Hero as it should work like on various other classes. But let's say that Hero never worked with critical damage/damage over time/summons that heavily before in the first ten years of the class' existence, consider that also damage over time doesn't work properly and summons don't do much damage at all. Hero's range is quite low and has massive compensation in damage percentage to make up for it - however, the percentages doesn't work for summons, damage over time and transformations. I'm sure that it'll get noticed by the developers eventually because that kind of screwed me over (and still does) at the Hiezian Temple when trying Princess No. But when it'll get fixed, I'll hold onto my bamboo hat and prepare for some dramatic changes...

People may wonder why the hell I actually fund into critical rates & (minimum/maximum critical) damage. For me ít's quite easy to achieve - basically, because I can. It's actually hard to believe for me that there's still room for expanding on those three mechanics. It's possible to get 100% critical rate without Enrage in my case (having a 30% critical rate increase and a Beast Tamer Skill Link should suffice); there's still some (minor) increases for me to gain in critical damage as well. Who knows what 5th Job might give to us? We'll see.

That's it for today. I'll see you guys again next post!