Friday, April 18, 2014

[Lego] Scifi Ninja (2013)

Sup guys! Today I'd like to present you a more recent doodle I made with Lego® bricks in the winter of 2013.

Previous December, 2013, when the new smaller ball joint system was revealed and released, I actually had an idea to make a small posable ninja made out of these. Soon enough I found a relative good use for one Technic Steering Arm (which is used for the shoulder and waist attachment), while the rest of the shape came quickly after. It is a doodle, after all.

To sheath both katana, I've used a rubber band which I knot around the waist, to create two holes where both katana would fit. One thing that I really wanted in the model, is making the pelvis in an angle, to give it a much more interesting look. For that I've used a sausage part, and unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to order myself a black one (which only came in one set so far!) to fill in the right colours. So for now, I'll use a red one. Using a sausage makes the waist quite fragile and hard to pose on the right way, let me be honest about that...

The head makes use of a regular 1x3 studless curved slope, and yes, it does actually attach quite well on the neck (it has low friction but stays on its place, you can even pick up the entire model from that single piece!). The only thing you should avoid is turning the head around, because then the slope will not hold on the neck and fall off.

The design of this ninja has been heavily inspired by Zer0 from Borderlands 2 and the Red Robot Sidekick from Lego® Galaxy Squad. The red/white/yellow minifigure on the picture is the Lego® Idea House figure.

That's it for today, until next post!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

[EMS] Pivotal Adventure Ring GET!

Hi guys! So, the RED patch has been for almost a month in MapleStory Europe. There is currently still a very important event running (until 14th May 2014). If you create a (totally new) Adventure and level it to Level 130, you'll get a new type of Adventure Ring. For the ones who may remember the one before Big Bang (where the best variant actually gave 10% critical hit rate and 1% chance to instant kill any non-boss when hitting it), this event is made for the ones who missed out the older one.

The new Pivotal Adventure Ring gives an extra 15% critical hit rate and 5% minimum critical hit damage, together with more attack/magic attack, all stats and HP/MP. You can transfer this ring only once through your account (and it'll stay on that character for good until you discard it), so make sure your main will own it!

There is actually something interesting I found out just within an hour I got this equipment. Unlike other rings with critical rate increasement, this one can actually be equipped with the old one (as you can see on the left top of the screenshot)! I'm not sure if this is an intended design, but it seems you can wear both (for now?) and get the increasement of both. With both, you can have a boost of 25% critical hit rate, 5% bonus minimum critical hit rate, 1% chance to instant kill any non-boss when hitting it and some nice attack/magic attack boost.

Together with my skill Enrage, I actually have 70% critical hit rate while being on 1 versus 1 combat mode. My main attack already has the final two hits always critical while being Enraged, so that is a lot of critical hits for a Hero~ especially when I have 164% minimum critical hit and 170% maximum critical hit damage when using Incising (Puncture) on a boss (which is actually more worth it than a lot of %-STR).

That's it for today guys, don't forget to get your Pivotal Adventure Ring now you still can! Until next post!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[YT] 3.000.000 Total views & 1.700.000 Single viewed video!

Hi guys! Today is another big milestone for the Rayque3 Staff; we finally reached a whopping total of three million accumulated views in our lifetime and 1.700.000 views on a single video!

We have accumulated those three million views in exact 2100 days. Our growth hasn't been that large until lately, where Luxatus Patella came back in the end of 2012 and released his new set of various walkthroughs. This really gave our Youtube strong growth in subscribers and now we can see in the statistics that his walkthroughs are to date one of the better viewed videos on Rayque3 all-around.
My newer approach on Youtube also had succes; releasing "single-part" videos of various game content, such as an entire playthrough of several hours of gameplay in one video, all main bosses from a specific game and a guide with all the mini-games from one game. Talking about the last example...

... Mario Party 7 - All Mini-Games has reached 1.700.000 views! This video is just one year old and it already has accumulated 1,7 million views. That is really amazing in my opinion. I'm happy to see that our Youtube is growing quite hard the past few months.

Thank you all for the support, in the name of Lux and myself. Let there will be strong growth in the upcomming years to come! Until next post~

Sunday, March 30, 2014

[EMS] 6,5 Years!

Sup guys! Today is the 30th of March, which means I've been playing MapleStory Europe for 6,5 consecutive years only on my character Rayque now!

Let there will be more years to come, cheers! Until next post~

Saturday, March 29, 2014

[EMS] Level 10 Herbalism!

Sup guys! So recently we finally have the RED patch with the Professions update in MapleStory Europe. We can now learn Mining and Herbalism. As you might remember, back in the Chaos patch (Winter 2011), I've managed Level 10 Smithing and Mining within the Profession Master event.

I'm quite glad I can also learn Herbalism now, since there are two things I couldn't manage as a Mining Expert before. Both Professions have their own perks, and it's nice to see we now can pick slices from both cakes!

As for Smithing, crafting various ammunition requires Juniper & Hyssop oils, which were only obtainable through Herbalism. That means you would need to know a Herbalism user which could supply you with those. Now I can supply myself without having to purchase them in Free Market for rather high prices~

Together with this new system, the game also has new types of veins/herbs, which are recommended to have Level 10 Mining and Herbalism in order to farm them. They are called Mysterious Veins/Herbs and Mysterious Legendary Veins/Herbs. These can drop various ingredients to craft more expensive items, such as Flames of Reincarnation and Blacksmith Cubes, together with the usual Magic Powders and Ores/Flowers/Forged plates/Oils.

That's it for today, until next post!