Monday, September 15, 2014

[EMS] Level 205!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

[EMS] Angelic Buster Skill Link Level 2 GET!

Well, that was rather unexpected, even for me. Just shortly after I managed to reach my Luminous on Level 120, I've decided to work on my Angelic Buster.

It was already near Level 86 before I stopped training on it. However, my old friend & guildmember Kasukay, was working on his new alternative character (a Kanna). He actually gave me the idea to train together to Level 120, so that he could manage to speed up his training to a higher level and get my Level 2 Skill Link significally earlier.

In MapleStory Europe we are lucky to have a majority of the World Tour content. For most people it might seem like a dull filler, but there are some real exceptions. For example, Zipangu actually has an impressive possibility of loot (but as you know from my Ribgol's origin, it has rather harsh droprates for MapleStory's standards), Singapore & Malaysia has a few impressive maps to train at, and Veracent has a few exceptional (broken) maps and pretty good loot for all players (unfunded and majorly funded) too. Let's not even forget about the version exclusive classes, which are for most people rather weak - however in my view some exclusive classes are even better designed than the current majority of the newer classes (I'm especially looking at you, Hayato).

Some trainingspots in these World Tours are actually pretty damn good to go through third and fourth job. For the versions who have Singapore with Mysterious Path 3: this map is probably in my view one of the best maps to train due to the spawn. You can even train there pretty well even if you are Level 110 (the spawn outwins the experience over time compared to standard maps). However, utilizing Kishin Shoukan (an unique skill from Kanna to increase the spawn and respawn of a map, similar to having multiple people in the same map but much more effective) in this Veracent map is beyond what I'm used to from almost 7 years (non-stop!) of MapleStory Europe (and I even dare to include having experienced 21x EXP rate to this matter).

Earlier today, before I got the Skill Link. Consider I partied with my friend's Kanna, utilizing Kishin Shoukan. This is only HALF of the map you see on screen. One of Veracent's best maps, and possibly one of the best maps in the game for early 4th job if you can one hit kill these enemies. Both of these enemies have about 100.000 HP. The small enemies on top, called "Dark Oberon", actually use the infamous Super Knockback, so make sure a class with enough Power Stance fights them unless you can one hit kill them or kill them out of their range. It was impossible for me to keep up with the respawn, since Kasukay was defeating enemies on the left side of the map (see the orange dot on the mini map on the top left). It'll even be unlikely for an early 4th job Hayato or Luminous (GMS-version) to keep up with this massive (re)spawn.
With only having 1x experience rate, we zoomed through Level 110 to 120 in just a few hours. The same thing can be applied to going through Level 80 to 110 in Mysterious Path 3. Probably would've taken about twice the time if I did it on my own as an (unexperienced) Angelic Buster, until I would reach 4th job to max its skill "Affinity Heart IV". Nevertheless, I would probably have reached Level 120 on my own before midnight as well, however training with friends you know for several years in the game really makes it a lot less tedious and it even makes it much more fun! Let's get back to the skill upgrade, shall we?

"Terms & Conditions" has been improved by 15%. The Level 1 version gives 30% damage for 10 seconds, and the Level 2 gives 45% damage for 10 seconds. Both versions share the same cooldown, a fair 90 seconds.

This upgraded Skill Link will surely come useful - it greatly increases my burst damage. Currently I can stack multiple short buffs that greatly increases my damage, although with the skills having a respective cooldown for it. This includes the "Terms & Conditions" from Angelic Buster, the Mu Gong buff "Memories" from its Boss Soul, my Level 150 Hyper Skill "Valhalla" and my Level 200 one, "Epic Adventure". Since Hero works with many crazy multipliers to compensate a rather "weak" (read: low) range, combining those skills actually does more than double my damage for 10 seconds. This might not seem that much, but when used at the right locations, it can actually destroy most bosses like Mori Ranmaru, Gollux, Pink Bean and Akyrum.

Well, that's it for today, until next post!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

[EMS] Luminous Skill Link Level 2 GET!

Hi guys! Recently I finally managed to obtain the second level of the Luminous Skill Link.

Level 1 gives 10% Percentual Defence Reduction (PDR) ignore, when you level a Luminous to Level 70. When reaching Luminous on Level 120, the Skill Link will upgrade to Level 2. Level 2 gives an increase of 5%, which making the transferable bonus in total 15%.

For now the following classes are still on my list, in this particular order:
1. Angelic Buster (increasing my burst damage in combination with Mu Gong, Valhalla and Epic Adventure)
2. Striker & Wind Breaker (increasing my Cygnus Blessing for more status & elemental resistance, to reduce fragility)
3. After release: Flame Wizard & Night Walker (maximizing Cygnus Blessing to Level 10)
4. If released: Beast Tamer (mostly for the % Critical and % HP/MP increase)

Eunwol will be my first priority if that will be released, due to the percentage of ignoring death. It must be noted that this Skill Link is truely much more powerful on a fragile class like Hero, since dying is quite common at bosses with potion cooldown. This will make a form of abusing this Skill Link, even if it's still considerd a low percentage of succeeding. Though, if I would be honest, it might be hard to get used to this gimmick since I die that often during bosses - instantly reviving would be unexpecting to me (consider it a low % chance). Oh well, we'll see soon enough.

That's it for today, until next post!

Friday, August 29, 2014

[Other] I want these!

Oh my gosh - I've just been back from the cinema, and I saw a crane game with a bunch of these. I've only seen the official Kirby plush without Copy Abilities, but these are adorable! I've actually managed to track down the fabricator for them... hopefully I can get my hands on one.

Never play crane games. Physics just screw your chances. They are made to let you lose. It's actually better to pay a bit more to get one guaranteed from a store then having to be lucky...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[EMS] Level 204!

Sup guys! Today I reached Level 204 - it has been a while! However, since the infamous Red Leaf High event is back to MapleStory Europe, I might even reach Level 205...

Until next post!