Friday, May 29, 2015

[YT] Precisely one half year was required...

...for Kirby's Return to Dreamland - All Mini/Main/EX Bosses to get on the spot of our third most viewed video. It was released on the 28th of November 2014. Yesterday, the 28th of May 2015, it has beaten the infamous Rayque3 classic Tarzan Action Game Walkthrough Part 1 Level 1 [1/1].

I know that the image above shows Tarzan Part 1 being "ranked higher" than Kirby's (despite the numbers show different), it often takes up to a few days before Youtube synched the correct order.

In the past, Lux' his old Tarzan Action Game Walkthrough used to dominate the top most viewed Rayque3 videos, together with the first part of my Wario Ware Smooth Moves Walkthrough. Both where released in the early years of our channel and still holds a large part of our lifetime views today after all those years.

After introducing the Single Part Videos in 2012; the first to enter that area was the Mario Party 7 - All Mini-Games video, having reached 100.000 views in just 5 months. During that time, only the Tarzan Action Game Walkthrough's Part 1 and Part 2 where the only other two with that amount of views. Two years later, so much of the top viewed Rayque3 Staff videos has changed...

Remember when I told that Kirby's Return to Dreamland All Mini/Main/EX Bosses' growth was equal to Donkey Kong 64 - All main bosses and Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 100% Subspace Emissary? Well, forget that. In case you can't remember because you probably have missed it, forget it as well. While DK64's growth is 20.000 a month and SSBB is 12.000, KRTD's growth is currently 72.000... and still growing.

You probably have noticed that we officially released the next SPV; Pokémon Battle Revolution - All Masters Battles [HeartGold] a few days ago. If not, now you know. As with every SPV we don't expect it to skyrocket, having near to a thousand to two-thousand a month seems plausable (consider most older SPV's started with that). I told Lux that if this video reaches 10.000 views a month soon, he's allowed to throw a cake in my face. Did I tell you before that our expectations are often far off?
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

[Lego] LEGO® with Black light?

Set #70785 Pohatu under a UV black light.
A technique that most people don't know that you can do with LEGO® parts...
Several transparent colours from the LEGO® colour palette can glow under UV black light. Some of them glow brightly, but some just little. The plastic that is used for transparent colours is not ABS, but polycarbonate.

From left to right: Yeti, Vitruvius, Ice Planet 2002 Astronaut, Gypsy Moth, Ultimate Ultron,
Electro, Green Lantern, Blacktron II Astronaut.

I'm aware that Gypsy Moth has the wrong colour shoulderpad, a small assembly mistake... (I have the correct one on stock though!)
One of the most common colours to be used with UV black light is Transparent Neon-Green, a colour that was mainly introduced with the M-Tron theme in 1990. Other colours like Transparent Neon-Orange and Transparent Neon-Yellow, mostly used on the older Space themes (such as Blacktron I and Ice Planet 2002) would glow brightly as well. Unfortunately most newer sets have regular Transparent Yellow and Transparent Orange, both of which glow faintly under UV black light or not at all.

Under the jump break you can find more examples of UV black light in combination with LEGO® sets. Some of them change dramatically by UV influence, some of them look better because of the subtile use of the colours. Consider my set up was limited in space, I haven't been able to make pictures of larger sets yet. Perhaps for a different moment I might be able to do the larger Ice Planet 2002 and UFO sets (consider I own all of those), but I also own the Mega Core Magnetizer and Monorail Transport Base. Trust me, those look astonishing with black light...

[Lego] My LEGO® Inside Tour 2015 Experience...

Dear reader, please keep in mind that the LEGO® Inside Tour (LIT) contains a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The topics I'm going to talk about and the sentences in this blogpost have been chosen carefully and all confidential information are not included. Any questions (in the comment section) related to the confidential information will be ignored.
Hotel LEGOLAND, being the main headquarters for the LEGO® Inside Tour of 2015.
Hi guys! As you might have remembered from my summary of 2014, I kind of "announced" (quite hidden) I was going to attend the first LEGO® Inside Tour (LIT) of 2015, during the 5th to 8th of May. Having finally found a timeslot to write about this, with my memory still fresh in mind, let's talk about my experience, shall we?

Keep in mind that the following information about the LIT will contain quite some subjective opinions. However, I'll give honest non-biased opinions about the tour itself because I feel the need to - even though I've poured my heart and soul into the brand. There won't be many pictures in this blogpost as well, because:
  • I don't want to spoil the tour for future attendees.
  • There was quite some NDA locations where photography was not allowed.
  • I prefer to memorize the tour by mind and making a lot of pictures reduces what I can remember.
  • Sometimes I'm just lazy to get my camera from the bottom of my bag.

  • After all, this is a blogpost about my experience, and not really a precise review... there's quite some good reviews out there on the internet already, including this year's tour.

    Friday, May 1, 2015

    [Drawing] Actually one I made a month ago...

    One month ago? Why not uploading back then? I was not sure if I would upload this on my blog or not. Ah well.

    I was slightly bored at school so I decided to draw this. Drawing goes the best for me when I'm bored. Since I rarely get bored at home, I often do these at school lol. It's drawn on A3 paper, only using a black pen with some blue pen highlights. This drawing didn't take that long, near to an hour.

    So I'm still trying to practice several different poses I haven't done before, in this case, my character looking back to the drawer. The shoulders were actually the hardest for me to position and it's slightly off with the head. I think that if I would make the character in the back lean slightly forward with his back and head it would look more natural. At least the size of the Ribgol Sword is better than I used to draw it, consider the length of it in-game is longer than yourself. I often draw Ribgol either smaller or just very similar in length as the character who wields it.

    In the past I worn this suit before my infamous bamboo hat
    that most people know me today from. Because these
    footages are not available anymore to the public, I decided
    to add this in the Retroperspective that acts as our Channel Intro.
    I haven't really drawn many "Lionsuits" as I call it (the suit you see on the left on the drawing is actually one I worn in the past in MapleStory - see the image on the right) and I think this one is far from one of my better drawn ones. The suit is a combination of the "Chinese Lion Costume" and "Chinese Lion Hat" NX equips. I think that the face of the suit is not "off-set" enough, consider in-game you are really inside the mouth of the lion instead of having one on your head. The upper jaw actually functions similar to the "duck" of a cap and I think that my drawing doesn't mimic that enough. I might wanna practice also drawing the face proportions "properly".

    Yes I am aware that the Chinese Lion Costume has four legs. How that works with a single person? Who knows? Ask the same about the Centaur costume (a similar-functional NX equip) that also works like that. But yeah, I draw these with two legs instead. Deal with it. Why don't I wear the costume today? It hasn't been re-released since the Big Bang update and the ones I had expired so, I haven't had the chance to get a new one (that doesn't expire). I will pick one up whenever it comes back though!

    I would love to draw more action poses like one I made two years ago, but that might take a while to practice. I think that a good start would be drawing small doodles from all the Hero skills I have / used to have (RIP Ground Smash, Power Strike and Coma... - I hope that they will bring back Coma as a 5th job Finisher that functions as a bind skill, it actually has been an useful skill back then consider it was one of the few skills in the game where stuns would not be removed with the next melee hit...). Gotta love the font of my in-game name on my drawing though!

    That's it for today, I'll see you guys next post!

    Saturday, April 25, 2015

    [EMS] Lv 208!

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