Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Drawing] When two worlds collide

Perhaps you can also call this the "Rayque vs Rayque" drawing, because both my MapleStory character and my Rayquaza are named Rayque. If you haven't figured it out by now, my name Rayque is based on Rayquaza himself.

For a change, this drawing actually took five hours. Which is way more than my usual drawings (often below 3 hours). While I can draw my MapleStory character by memory, I still base all of my Rayquaza drawings on the official art
from Nintendo - I look closely to the proportions, and convert it into different poses than the source material (because the poses I seek to draw are rarely used on those).

I've tried to go back to black and white for this drawing, but I'm not really fond of the way I've written Rayque on
the top left - I'm still trying to figure out how to write it with just using markers, instead of pen/pencil or brushes.

It's drawn on A3 paper. I've only used a black pen and a few drawing markers.

By the way, I'm sorry for the inactivity on my blog. I only share things when there's something to share.
Not everything feels to be share-worthy - but I'm expecting at least two or three blogposts for December.
At least one huge game changing blogpost, so I hope you are as excited as I am!

That's it for today guys. I see you again next post!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[EMS] Gratz on Carthager reaching Level 200!

Hi guys! I know these kind of blogposts rarely appear, but I want to congratz my friend Carthager on
reaching Level 200!

Most friends and some viewers might know that I've been part of the FallenAngel group of friends since 2008.
It's now called PatchedWings since 2010; but the group itself has a lot of value to me. I've almost met all of them several times by now and such, and we've grown up together as a family to call it like that.

I knew Carthager since 2008, so to me he deserves a blogpost like this. Thanks for staying around with us for such
a long time! Cheers on the years to come~

Yes, I know you're reading Mr. Wazaa (cuz RSS feeds are OP), and be damn sure that you'll get a blogpost like this when you hit Level 200 in a few years!

That's it for today - I'll see you guys again next post!

Monday, October 12, 2015

[YT] Behind the scenes - "Xenoblade Chronicles - Main Story [New Game+]"

It started as a joke back in 2013. After finishing the Super Smash Bros Brawl video of 6 hours, I said to Lux:
"Never again. But I know I'll probably go nuts one day and surpass this video once more."

A Single-Part-Video that would pass my limits. A Single-Part-Video that would break Sony Vegas and
couldn't be rendered. A Single-Part-Video that would go way over Youtube's upload limit.

In our second issue of Behind the Scenes, we're going to evaluate a Single-Part-Video that took almost
an entire year to finish... to be cancelled for a permanent appointment until Youtube is going to raise their
upload limit once again.

The video is cancelled temporary.
Don't think this video got cancelled for good. Everything's already here. We got the final video that we would upload, we got that custom thumbnail, we got a full index, the video has been quality checked... Just that uploading.
It's still going to happen, one day...

Friday, October 9, 2015

[Lego] ArcFire MOC

Hi guys! Another quick doodle I've made earlier this month.

I wanted to create a MOC out of a combination of Bionicle and CCBS parts, and after one afternoon I managed
to come up with this. I think that both Bionicle and CCBS pulls out the best of its system when you combine them together.

The inspiration came from the character ArcBeetle, if you guys might know the late nineties anime Medabots.
I really love the way how ArcBeetle has the two horns directing forward in a dramatic proportion - which is
used for his signature move called The Prominence.

There's plenty of articulation around the model. The legs and arms use the standard CCBS combination to allow
to form knees. While the legs are covered with your basic CCBS panels, the upper arms are connected to one double cannon each, that are fixated in a 90 degrees angle.

The head can also tilt up. In case you didn't notice yet, the visor of this model is made from a default socket connector in Trans-Medium Blue.

In the stomach of the model, there's two smaller cannons which can be rotated up and down.
The two similar sized cannons below the shoulders that extend all the way to the back are fixated and can't rotate,
by the way.

I wanted to have the model as sturdy as I could build it - and it's hard to accidently break the model because
I've managed to use some friction techniques I've been using in my Hailfire Droid to keep it from falling apart when
it's driving. The Pridak foot piece that is mounted on the head won't budge easy, to prevent the head from falling apart when you pose it (because you would often grab that foot piece to turn around the head).

One thing that I wanted to do right in this model was having the Hero Factory hand piece in combination with
an arm cannon. First I've tried to have cannon arms without hands, but I didn't feel statisfied with the looks in combination with the rest of the model. Eventually I found a way to use those older Bionicle feet to build
those cannons - a method I've actually done in the past a lot as well!

Fun fact: this isn't the first version of this particular design. A few weeks earlier during September, I tried to shape something similar with the use of a small CCBS standard body. However, I had some issues with scaling the character's proportion, so I ended up redesigning it from scratch.

That's it for today! I'll see you guys next post.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[Lego] #8939 Lesovikk GET!

Whoohoo! Just got this goody from the mail. It's a sealed box of one of the more rare Bionicle sets from LEGO®; Lesovikk from 2007. Another one to tick off my never-ending Wanted List!

Man, this is actually a tough one to get, especially in a sealed box. Not "tough" as in "overpriced", because that wouldn't be an issue for me. But "tough" as in: it's a tough one to find for sale compared to the usual amounts of a set when you browse the internet for one.

Some people may ask why I get sealed boxes... it's especially because of the condition I want a set to be in.
Bionicle sets starting from the Mahri Nui series until the end of the original Bionicle line (approx. between 2007 to 2010) are infamous for having issues with lime-based ball joint pieces and other uncommon colours to crack.
Next to that, sets starting from Metru Nui (approx. 2004) are known to get bite marks on specific parts easy.

So yeah, purely just to get a mint set (or close to new), I have to base on the set's inventory if I either go sealed box or used - which often ends up in going sealed. For me the box doesn't have to be in crisp condition.
I'm totally fine with shelf wear, as long as the box itself is sealed so the bagged parts inside get minimal wear from different environments.

Word of advice: getting an used set from an "adult collector" doesn't have to say everything by the way...
It's a mistake I've made several times before. Ah well, you pay for the condition isn't it?

That's it for today! I'll see you guys again next post.