Sunday, March 15, 2015

[YT] 6000 Subs!

Woah, I've been sleeping. Perhaps I've been playing too much MapleStory Europe for the Night Walker Skill Link and Borderlands 2 with Lux this weekend and not paying enough attention to the subscriber count. It seems we have hit 6000 subscribers two days ago!

This is another great milestone for the Rayque3 Staff! It's great to see that our dedicated time and effort is finally paying off after all those years. It's hard to express how much of an achievement it might feel for us.

On Youtube we all often see huge numbers in views and subscriber counts. It's easy to get spoiled by large numbers on any digital format. But imagine that when we started in the summer of 2008, up to the spring of 2013, we only had four hundred subscribers. Four hundred is a lot, but consider in just two years our growth has been crazy for our standards. Going from 400 to 6000 in just two years? Imaging having six thousand LEGO® minifigures on a table, and you (as a minifigure as well) standing next to that crowd. Add the fact that when we started in 2008 we had no clue how our channel would've become in seven years.

For all the new subscribers on our channel, welcome to the Rayque3 Channel! Thank you for clicking that subscribe button and hopefully you'll enjoy our content. More is always on the way, so stay tuned!

Rayque & Luxatus Patella

Saturday, March 14, 2015

[EMS] Level 10 Cygnus Blessing GET!

Sup guys!

I just finished my Night Walker. This means I reached Level 10 on the Cygnus Blessing Skill Link. Level 10 Cygnus Blessing gives 25% Status and Elemental Resistance, which is a large increase for any class. Having this Skill Link on my Hero, means that I currently have a total of 77% Status Resistance.

So far I can get it up to 78% without any major changes. Keep in mind that I don't use a Bottom so I can't obtain 10% Status Resistance; I also won't obtain 10% on my Inner Ability and I don't have a Sylph Ring with another 10%. I won't go for a Lv 200 Demon Slayer card as well. So technically I'm able to reach 100% Status Resistance as a Hero without my Hyper Skills, but keep in mind that 100% Status Resistance can't bypass all spells. Only a handful of spells, like Potential Seal, certain forms of Petrify and a small amount of bosses that use a Stun attack can go through any percentage of Status Resistance. If you have to rely on Potential (Bottom, Sylph Ring) for one/two 10% line(s), keep in mind that one Potential Seal gives you a weak spot for incoming spells such as Seduce, Dispel, Zombify, Transform, ect.

It's also worth to mention that having this Skill Link, in combination with my 3rd Job skill Endure, gives me a total of 55% Elemental Resistance. Despite Elemental-based attacks not being common on most newer bosses, it's always nice to have consider some (newer) high level monsters and most older raid bosses (in example Horned Tail, Pink Bean - both including Chaos difficulty) still use them. Combining Elemental Resistance with Zero's Skill Link, Iron Body, Rage and Panic's Shadow Attack really helps reducing my class' fragility.

For now I'm kind of done with Skill Links until the Black Heaven update. As mentioned before, my choice for grinding other Level 1 Links will depend on future updates. There has been some community requests for a while about either removing the Skill Link cap or setting the cap higher. I'll first have to see what Nexon is going to do with it. So currently I have two slots reserved - one for Beast Tamer* (will replace my Cannon Shooter's Skill Link) and one for Mechanic (replaces Demon Slayer). Having a Level 2 Beast Tamer Skill Link will enable my Hero to have 100% Critical Rate without Enrage, only when I have at least 28% Critical Rate on my Inner Ability.

*Beast Tamer is a non-canon update and is only available to versions with the Dawnveil update. Certain versions of MapleStory doesn't have this update. It seems that the required content for receiving it is Masteria (specific: New Leaf City).

That's it for now - I'll see you guys next post!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

[YT] Breakthrough! Overpower Level 6 unlocked!

Holy sh-, breaking news from the Rayque3 Staff!

After two years of struggling, Luxatus and I finally managed to pull through The Raid on Digistruct Peak on Overpower Level 5 - we've unlocked Overpower Level 6 (Borderlands 2)! Why did it take two years? Hopefully you'll be interested to read more about it.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

[EMS] Legendary Ability GET!

Hi guys! I finally managed to obtain the Legendary Ability! Geez, this took a while didn't it?

When Aswan got released in 2012 for EMS - the Inner Ability system was released with it. Since then, I've been trying to get my hands on the "Attack Speed Increase" without success - after more than 200 Circulators I didn't have any luck.

Back then, your ability would be similar to "Cubing', as in that it would require Circulators in order to get any changes in the line. In addition to that, instead of having the infamous "Rare/Epic/Unique/Legendary" system, all Ability lines were based on a rank from D to S. So certain lines were only available from S-Ranks, including the "Attack Speed Increase". The amount of effect that you could get on a line was based on your Honor Level, which was levelled through playing Aswan.

Three lines required Level 60 Honor, which required some heavy time investment in Aswan. You could get all possible lines from those Circulators - but you would just need some luck to obtain some good S-ranks. Which I didn't...

Friday, February 6, 2015

[EMS] Level 207!

Ding! The first Level Up for 2015!
It might take a while for the next one, as usual~