Friday, October 17, 2014

[Lego] Introduction to the "MK series"

MK. 1 - Afterlord. The original, the one that started it all.
It all started with the Afterlord. A project that got me out of my pseudo-dark ages. I never abandoned my love for Lego® (hence pseudo-dark ages instead of a full one) - I only had less amount of purchases a year and Lego® still remained with passion in my life. Games got me in my pseudo-dark ages but also got me out of it. You may remember I finished it in 2012, and I actually desired to build more. On the date of this post, the Hailfire Droid and Constructor are still in progression, but are near their well deserved finished phase.

You may have noticed these three projects are similar in size, all three are remote control, and based on intellectual properties. Introducing the "MK series", a personal way for me to express my Lego® skills by reaching and using the limits of Lego® - trying to show the world what Lego® is able to do. These projects are remote controlled objects based on any visual source material - it can be a movie, a game, or even from comicbooks. Pre-existing objects based in Lego® form in a specific fixed scale. They just don't only follow the most generic movement of the "real" thing, they also include other significant functions as well. In my view they have to do more than just moving around. Eyes that lit up? I'll add them. Moving compartments? No big deal. Shooting rockets? I'll add them if they fit in the scale and not obstruct the looks too much. Just to give an idea.

I have a large amount of rules every MK has to follow that came after I finished the Afterlord. Mainly focussed on sturdy builds, remote controlled, projects made on a Lego® purist's perspective, and that children can play safely with them~ my projects will form its own family of brothers and sisters - all designed on a similar fashion, "Rayque" styled.

Even though I love to freestyle and build everything I want in Lego®, due to time and resources it's not always possible for me to do so. I have to prioritize. I felt these projects really suit my personality and they force me to pull out every Lego®-related skill and knowledge I have. In my view, building from a fixed set of rules (things based on source materials) may be often more challenging due to limitations of freedom. Of course I will build other things besides for this series too!

"MK" stands for Mark and basically means a number of version.
Why the name "MK"? I got obviously inspired by the Iron Man comicbooks - however my projects aren't an iteration of each other, but they are all unique compared to each other. Basically, the word MK is just a prefix for my projects, to name the chronological order of projects. See below.

The current line-up at the moment of this post.

This means that there will be more after the Hailfire Droid and Constructor. However, I'll first manage to finish them before starting on the next ones. I know what I'm desiring to build in the future. It won't be just five MKs as shown above, there will be a lot more than we both will realize in a far future...

I won't just build things that are commonly made. No RC Tumblers, RC Sandcrawlers or whatever else is often built. I'll try to expand the current Lego® world of creations from millions of fans, by going for the mountains that other people didn't or failed to climb.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

[YT] 4.500.000 total upload views!

Yaaaaaaaay! We just hit 4,5m total upload views - thank you for all the support.
Most of our subscribers may have seen the following video, but we recently have released a new Channel video that replaces the High-Dex Hero Retroperspective.

Don't worry! The majority of the High-Dex Hero series is included - as well as the newer ones too! Lux and I have been wanting a new Channel video for a while... unfortunately it got postponded more than a year, but heck, it is here now.

That's it for today! Until next post.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

[Lego] Borderlands 2 in Lego® - Constructor - Take 4! [Work in Progress]

I'm still at it! Even though it's still a (unfinished) frame, it becomes more recognizable a day~
Hi guys! Time for another update on my Lego® Constructor - as you might've seen, there has been changed a lot. Most notable, the frame is getting into shape!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

[Other] Mail's here!

Whoohoo! My Super Smash Bros 3DS just arrived one day before official release. Here's a picture of my current collection of Super Smash Bros games.

Unfortunately this will probably be the last Smash Bros I can join, since I've been slowly stepping aside from console games to concentrate my funds again on reaching my childhood dream, becoming a Lego® Product Designer. This will also mean that I probably won't purchase a Wii U or future consoles even though I really love Nintendo games - it's also to note that this will also influence the Nintendo-side of Rayque3 Staff videos - we'll unfortunately have to stick to prior to Wii U and 3DS. However, keep in mind, there's nothing wrong with classics either - and the success of several Rayque3 videos truely prove that!

I might not have been hyped for Smash Bros 4 as much as I usually was for Melee and Brawl, but that's purely due to not following Nintendo or any gaming news that often anymore (whereas I wish I still would). However, after seeing the gameplay footage and livestreams from the Japanese version, the pre-order was surely a no-brainer for me.

As mentioned in older Youtube videos before, I used to live in Japan in my childhood, hence the Japanese version of the original Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64. I do also own an American version of Smash Bros Brawl, due to having the opportunity for playing Brawl earlier.

That's it for today. I'll see you again next post!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[Lego] Work in Progress: STAR WARS™ Hailfire Droid - Take 4

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last update (only) about my Hailfire Droid. There has been some improvements in the shape of the Hailfire Droid.