Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[EMS] Level 6 Cygnus Blessing GET!

Gosh... three blogposts in such a short time. Sorry for the overload guys! It's not something I'm used to either. I'm pretty sure the next blogpost will have to wait several days. If not, I'll just hold the post as a draft for a short while.

So just several minutes ago I've managed to level my Striker to 120 - this means I managed to obtain Level 6 Cygnus Blessing! This is currently the highest level we can get, consider Flame Wizard and Night Walker aren't revamped to this new system yet.

So... what's next? Consider I still have to work on my Eunwol to Level 120, I'll try to manage that later this week and pressumably finish it next week.

At this moment, there is a maximum limit of Skill Links that you can link to one specific character. This means I have to prioritize of what I would use and what not. Long story short: all links that can be obtained with more funding (total damage, all stats) are in less priority than things that are harder to obtain (defence ignore, critical rate, %HP or other "odd" game mechanics). This is why I actually leave Skill Links like Xenon/Demon Avenger/Kanna at Level 1, because when I would have to substitute them with a more valuable Skill Link, the decrease in damage on my Hero will be less notable. I hope Nexon would consider to remove the maximum limit - I wouldn't be surprised if they either raised the limit or just entirely remove it - consider there's quite some demand from the community about removing it. We'll see in the future. If it happens, I'll be glad to raise these Skill Links to Level 2 eventually!

Off-topic: because Striker is a class that has Sharks as its signature - I couldn't resist equipping the entire Blue Mesoranger set, which is modelled after a shark! That's it for today, until next post!

Monday, December 22, 2014

[YT] 5.000.000 total upload views!

Whoo! Just a few hours ago, we hit 5.000.000 total upload views! Thanks for the great support guys, keep it up!

[Other] A wild Giovanni appeared!

Remember that one guy from that one video? Yeah, it's Giovanni!
If only he was a Level 7 Mii for Streetpass Quest...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[EMS] So, Eunwol came out...

And I have been so #@%ing original as I could ever be.
I won't start playing this one yet, since it's still day 1, every average low level map is just flooded with Eunwols everywhere.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

[EMS] Level 5 Cygnus Blessing GET!

Hi guys! A few minutes ago, I managed to train my Wind Breaker to Level 120, which means I now have Level 5 Cygnus Blessing!

Cygnus Blessing, unlike most Link Skills, is dependent on more than one character.
For every Lv 70 for the following classes, you'll get one Skill Point in Cygnus Blessing:
- Soul Master
- Wind Breaker
- Striker
- Flame Wizard
- Night Walker

For every Lv 120, you'll get two Skill Points instead of one.

Every Skill Point actually gives 2,5% increase in Status & Elemental resistance. However, MapleStory doesn't round up these numbers, so having one point will increase only 2%, but having two will increase 5%.

Currently MapleStory Europe is in the You & I update (first part). This means we don't have Flame Wizard and Night Walker available to increase the Skill Link - thus the highest level possible for now is Lv 6. Existing Flame Wizards and Night Walkers don't have the possibility to increase this link until their respective revamps, which is during the second Cygnus Returns update, after You & I.

Eunwol (Shade) will be released in a few days. This will mean I'll level an Eunwol to Level 120 - as other classes, I'll take my time. I actually expect having my Striker Level 120 after my Eunwol. Hopefully I can get them both to Level 120 before the Flame Wizard & Night Walker revamps are released.

That's it for today. I'll see you guys next post!