Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[YT] 4000 Subs!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

[EMS] Lionheart Battle Boots - Finished scrolling

Hi guys! I just finished my Lionheart Battle Boots as for scrolling. I still have to enhance, cubing for better (additional) potential stats and using new Flames of Reincarnation. Probably the next thing that I'll do will be cubing, since I'm still aiming for Self Combat Orders. However, all the other additions to my shoes, including cubing, will be done in a far future and not likely to be soon.

I'm very happy about the results. When I started it I didn't expect it to have more than 10 attack. It actually took me a hairpulling year with about 29 "10% Clean Slate Scrolls" to reobtain the last slot for upgrading it.

My shoes are considerd my second "finished" scrolled equip (including two Vicious' Hammers applied) for my Hero. It's likely that only my Ribgol Sword is finished with primary cubing, however it still needs some better additional potential and more enhancing.

That's it for today. Until next post!

Friday, August 8, 2014

[Lego] Three projects on a row 4.0

Sup guys! I know it has been a while since my last post about my Lego® projects. A lot of the work on my Constructor and Hailfire Droid were kept hidden until I found it was worthy to post it on my blog. I'm still not covering all details on this post, since I'm really picky about telling my specs until I finished them.

I couldn't work on my projects that often since I had school and work (y'know, I gotta have to get my funds for my projects somewhere), but I finally managed to make some decent process, especially with the Constructor. The Constructor now fully pumps itself through the Mindstorms EV3 brain, and it can be controlled by a IR Controller.

In previous versions, I had multiple issues with filling the Constructor's air flow. It seemed that even using the strongest Lego® motors to date couldn't afford the torque strength to fill the entire system with a whopping three (!) bar - manually (human strength) it had no issues at all, so there was a real challenge for enabling automatisation.

Unfortunately, since the Constructor weighs more than two (!) kilograms, I often struggled with the limitations of Lego® pneumatics. In order to succeed this project, I had to drop the driving ability of the Constructor. By doing that, I could manage to use three Lego® Mindstorms Servo, instead of one.

About dropping the driving ability... Fortunately, since the Constructor uses multiple metal spheres as wheels, you can roll it on the table on any direction which you want! Because of its weight, the Constructor will still remain solid on the table.

The air flow has been changed multiple times - the original iteration would've used only one air flow. Since I have tripled the amount of cylinders by now, using one air flow would've been not feasable. Currently the Constructor has three air flows.

The Hailfire Droid hasn't been changed that much, however I did some balance tweaks and made some progress with the body. I've figured out how I want to manage the side panels. The white highlight on its head is just a temporary color, since that part hasn't been made in (Reddish) Brown yet as of today.

That's it for today - see you again next post!

[YT] 4.000.000 total upload views!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

[EMS] Easy Magnus - First solo attempt succeeded!

"Holy sh*tzelthepritzel" as Luxatus Patella would say, I've impressed myself. What happened?